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After a long conversation about rising makeup costs,smaller portions and lesser quality in special effects makeup, Mike Murray decided to start his own makeup brand.In late 2014, after trying numerous products, XFX Makeup (formerly I Love FX Makeup) produced its first alcohol-activated palettes! 2015 saw the addition of water-based makeup, which premiered at West Coast Haunters Convention where the whole thing began.Now presenting a catalog of over 60 hybrid alcohol makeup colors, over 70 water activated makeup colors, palettes, waterproof makeup sealer, blood and more, XFX Makeup looks forward to creating more amazing products for your specialty makeup needs!Most importantly we love our customers and thank every one for their business. In December 2019 the original owner had to take a step back from the business and new owners and managers took over. Entering the 2020 season we're continuing the legacy of the XFX Makeup brand with some new colors, new formulations and even more enhancements for the customer experience.

New for 2020:

  • No pre-orders. One of the biggest delays from the past was waiting for products to be made. In 2020, if it's available for purchase on the site, it's in stock.
  • All shipping is now performed Monday to Friday with a shipped within 3 business days OR IT'S FREE! All in-stock items will ship within this shipping schedule or you get the product and a refund. This is a step towards on time delivery under the new management. 
  • All orders (including orders via Amazon, phone, tradeshow, etc) will be trackable through the website.