I Love FX Makeup is now XFX Makeup!

Same Awesome Quality, Brought to a new level!

XFX Makeup is the latest makeup brand to hit the US. With out unique colors, excellent coverage and multiple options, XFX Makeup has a color for every occasion.

From our waterproof and smudgeproof AirWorX hybrid alcohol airbrush makeup to our smudgeproof water activated AquaWorX. XFX Makeup has the type of makeup you need.

No matter if you're a face painter, SFX Artist, Makeup Artist, Cosplayer, Larper or Haunter, XFX Makeup has a solution for you.


All the brands you loved have new names!

- Body Marbled is now MarbleWorX
- FinalX is now FinalWorX
- HollywoodFX Airbrush is now AirWorX
- HollywoodFX Palettes & Singles are now PaletteWorX
- InkX is now InkWorX
- LineWorkX is now AquaWorX
- No Shade Cosmetics is now ShadeWorX
- PowderX is now PowderWorX
- SplitX is now SplitWorX
- ToothX is now ToothWorX