Processing, Shipping & Returns

Standard Processing Times: Our standard processing time is 3 – 5 business days. During busy times this may go to 10 business days. Typically if we are going to exceed 10 business days we will notify you.

Custom Item Processing Times: This applies to custom orders, custom colors and ALL PALETTEWORX orders. Our Custom Item processing time is on average 15 business days.

Painting Tools: Almost all of these are drop shipped to you and the majority of them come from China. These take on average 2 – 4 weeks to arrive. If you need your item faster than either of these times please let us know BEFORE ordering so we can make sure we can get your item out to you in time. 

Shipping: During checkout, you get to choose your shipping method. Please remember, this shipping method takes place after processing time continues. Ordering an overnight package will NOT get you the item overnighted unless you let us know before hand and we can make sure it leaves that same day. 

  • USPS: For some unknown reason there is always a 2 – 4 business delay between when we drop off the parcel at the Post Office and when it moves. We have spent years asking why there is a delay and USPS in Chicago has never been able to provide us an answer. The only exception to this rule is Priority Mail Express. This tends to move same day or next business day. We know USPS is the most cost effective shipping method, but please fact in these standard delays with your order time.
  • FedEx: FedEx is a much more reliable shipping option with things typically moving the same day as it is brought to the FedEx hub or the following morning. Below is a map showing ground/home delivery shipping times. Please remember, if choosing FedEx Home Delivery they deliver Tuesday – Saturday. They do not operate on Sunday or Monday.
FedEx Shipping Times via Ground/Home Delivery: This is an estimate only and does not guarantee exact days in transit.

Returns: We do not offer returns on products because of the nature of the products. If there is a manufacturer defect we will gladly replace the item free of charge. If an item does not ship within 60 days we will offer a refund on the item.